Rhinoceros Print

$ 10

Original Artwork By Rachel Farabaugh

Use your psychic abilities to access higher perspectives and see with absolute clarity.

When Rhinoceros shows up, you are being reminded to look deeper than what lies on the surface. As strong and intimidating as this animal may seem, there also exists a deep gentleness within. This is reminding you of the many contradictions you’ll encounter throughout life. Oftentimes what you see and what you feel may not be aligned. When this happens, you are being guided to use your psychic abilities to access higher perspectives. By looking deeper, you’ll be able to see the full picture. Truths will be revealed to you with absolute clarity. This will help to eliminate any feelings of contradiction and align you back to inner truth. Rather than relying on external sources or influences, look within yourself first. Let Rhino help sharpen your sense of discernment so you can easily know what is real and what is not.